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St-Petersburg Excursions

50% off sightseeing tours of St. Petersburg!

There are several great sightseeing tours of beautiful St. Petersburg that are a must see in spring. Perhaps the best tour is of the canals. Now, one can save 42% on the River & Canal tour of St. Petersburg! Instead of paying 500 rubles, you pay 300 rubles. The price includes a tour of the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, a great excursion boat equipped with blankets, and a professional guide. The tour lasts for one hour.

St-Petersburg Excursions The beautiful town of Kronstadt is a must see place, now one can save 47% for this tour! The duration is four hours, and costs 350 rubles instead of 650 rubles! The price includes transport from the town and back to St. Petersburg, and a professional guide who will accompany everyone during the whole tour!

St-Petersburg Excursions Another great tour is the tour of the standing bridges of St. Petersburg! It is an amazing sight, with the Neva River and the lighting of the bridges in their full beauty. The tour lasts for three and a half hours and costs 450 rubles instead of the original cost of 900 rubles. The price includes transport services around the city, and a professional guide!

St-Petersburg Excursions The Orthodox shrine of St. Petersburg tour is currently offering a 50% discount. Instead of paying 600 rubles, one gets a great tour for only 300 rubles. The duration of the tour is four hours and includes transport and a professional tour guide.

St-Petersburg Excursions The Glorious St. Petersburg tour is offering a 59% discount around the great places of St. Petersburg. The duration is three hours and costs 290 rubles instead of 700 rubles. The price includes transport and a professional tour guide!!

St-Petersburg Excursions When ordering a tour in April, for the Peter and Paul fortress, you get this tour for 150 rubles. One can use all these discounts from now to May 15, 2012. The discount applies to one person, but if you have a party of six or more people, you must book each tour in advance. To receive the discount, please contact us by e-mail, stating the full name of each person and the type of tour you wish to order!

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