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Russian Support Letter

At Sntpeters.com, you can find the easiest way with help to obtain a Russian visa! A Russian Visa Invitation can be processed though our website, but the invitation is not the only step in the process of getting a Russian visa. Sometimes it is hard to get a Russian visa, but with Sntpeters.com, you can start the process fast and in the right direction! Here is the procedure for registration for tourist and business visas in Russia:

First, you need to receive an invitation, which can be done right on our website! To do this, you need to determine the right visa for you- a tourist or business visa. A Russian tourist visa is issued for one or three months. Extension of the tourist visas in Russia is impossible. 

If you are interested in a business visa to Russia, you will be granted a longer stay and multiple entries into Russia. This visa is strictly for business and you need some proof that you will work in a company or in some kind of business atmosphere during your stay in Russia. At Sntpeters.com, we can help you with this as well! 

The second and perhaps the most anxious part is to go to the Russian consulate or embassy. This stage involves the following steps:

First, you must contact the Consular Section of the Russian Federation in the country where your visa will be obtained in, and determine the conditions for obtaining the visa. It is possible to go to the embassy or consulate with an invitation, or pay through a third party company for them to send your documents to the embassy and back. Second part is to come on time to the consulate and provide a package of documents for the visa. Once this is all complete, the chances of receiving a Russian visa are very good. Needless to say that your chances are better if reply on St-Petersburg Guide, the number 1 site in St-Petersburg!

And last but not least, don't forget to register your Russian visa on arrival in Russia. Remember that all foreign citizens staying in Russia for more than seven days must apply for registration no later than seven working days from the date of arrival in Russia.

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