How to get FREE bottle of Champagne?
Friday, 11 January 2013 09:01

Free Champagne

Having a hard time finding and booking a great deal for a hotel in St. Petersburg? Look no further, as St.-Petersburg Guide features the easiest way to book a hotel in St. Petersburg. The process is quick and easy, plus there are tons and tons of different options that suit all different types of budgets and locations around the city.

Now at St.-Petersburg Guide, we are offering the best deals that you can find anywhere in St. Petersburg:

  • Book a hotel in St. Petersburg via St.-Petersburg Guide for more than four nights and receive a free Russian visa invitation. The whole process is legal, fast, and safe. 


  • Book a hotel in St. Petersburg via St.-Petersburg Guide for more than four nights and get a nice bottle of champagne, also free of any charge.

So how to start this whole process?

STEP 1: 

Cheap Accommodation in St-Petersburg The first part is to go to our website and make a reservation, of course. To do this, go to the main page on our site, and select the dates you wish to stay in St. Petersburg in the slider bar on the left. When doing this, the next page will provide you with tab showing all hotels in St. Petersburg, and the best hotels around town which are available for the chosen dates.

STEP 2: 

Once you are through with STEP 1, please, email us or contact us on facebook, providing the exact information about what hotel you have booked: under what name, and for how many nights.


Receive our confirmation.

So if you like champagne, quick hotel bookings, and free visa invitations, then St.-Petersburg Guide is the one and only place to go for all your travel needs in Russia. Why make it harder than it already is to come to Russia when you can just click a few links and then virtually almost everything is done for you! :)

DISCLAIMER: This offer is valid not for all countries. Please, check with St-Petersburg Guide whether or not your country is permitted a visa under these guidelines before booking.


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