Rinaldi Discount
Monday, 01 April 2013 20:12

Rinaldi St Petersburg

Accommodation in the mini-hotel chain, «Rinaldi», is discounted up to 50%!

This promotion offers the following discounts:

- 50% for hotel accommodation B & B Rinaldi Peter and Paul (6 rooms);

- 50% for hotel accommodation B & B Rinaldi at Moskovsky-I (8 rooms);

- 50% for hotel accommodation B & B Rinaldi at Moskovsky-II (8 rooms);

- 40% for accommodation at B & B Rinaldi at Nevsky (7 rooms);

- 40% for accommodation at B & B Rinaldi on Bolshoy (5 rooms);

- 40% for accommodation at B & B Rinaldi at Petrogradskaya (6 issues);

- 40% for accommodation at B & B Rinaldi at the Summer Garden (12 rooms).

  • Standard check-in - 13:00, check-out - 11:00
  • In case of a no vacancies, we can offer another convenient date for you or another hotel.

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The costs without the discount can be seen here

The mini-hotel chain «Rinaldi» locations:

  • Ploshad Vosstaniya (red metro line)
  • Tekhnologichesky Institut (red metro line)
  • Chernyshevskaya (red metro line)
  • Petrogradskaya (blue metro line)
  • Tekhnologichesky institut (blue metro line)
  • Sportivnsya (purple metro line)

  • Blokhina street, 4
  • Moskovsky pr., 20
  • 7 Krasnoarmeyskaya street, 9
  • Nevsky pr. 105
  • Bolshoy pr, Petrogradskaya side, 7/4
  • Solyanoy pereulok, 9
  • Bolshoy pr, Petrogradskaya side, 74

The history of Rinaldi:

2003: Almost simultaneously at 20, Moscovsky and 6, Maly, in five minutes’ walk from the picturesque embankment of the rivers Fontanka and Malaya Neva, the first mini-hotels of the Rinaldi chain were opened. Spacious and cosy rooms, parking facilities nearby, and a high level of service made them popular among people who appreciate quality and comfort. 

2004: Rinaldi chain had already grown to six mini-hotels. These hotels are located at: at 9, 7th Krasnoarmeiskaya; 17, Grechesky; 103, Nevsky and 105, Nevsky – and they corresponded to chosen direction of unique placement: nearness to central Petersburg Metro stations and historical sights of the city.

2005: Increasing popularity of Rinaldi hotels lead to opening four new mini-hotels: at 18, Moscovsky; 136, Nevsky; 15, 6-th Krasnoarmeiskaya and 42, the Moika river embankment. Their interiors were created by Petersburg designers in the style of the past, ancient décor, that reflected at naming two of them: Rinaldi Harmony and Rinaldi Olympia.

2006: Rinaldi hotels chain include fourteen mini-hotels, meeting the requirements of different clients. A complete overhaul and reconstructive services, Rinaldi at 105, Nevsky is ready to receive guests again. The recently opened Rinaldi Poetic and Rinaldi Art at 12, Vosstaniya and Fontanka 51, respectively, at once charmed visitors by its really unforgettable atmosphere.

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